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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up....

Well, since my oven is down, I guess I'll play catch up with the MeMe tags and awards that were generously passed on to me. I'm sorry if I had left out any of the tags or awards ...

First up.... the FOREVER FRIENDS globe...
It's been a really wonderful experience for me since I started this blog. I came to know many frens... and the support that I've been getting! I'm so grateful and happy that I made the right decision to start a blog... I dunno what I've been missing! LOL. Thanks to Ching for awarding me this... forever frens, yah! *wink*

Next will be a MeMe... Before I was a Mom
I'll try my best to work out this MeMe...

Before I was a mum; I'll go on vacations during the off-peak seasons (ie, no surcharges, no kids running amok at the places I went to and basically taking off anytime I fancy!)

Before I was a mum; I meetup with my frens everyweekends, catching up on life.

Before I was a mum; I go shopping every weekends! And it meant a whole day out at the shopping belt.

Before I was a mum; I wasn't very into baking. And I was using a really tiny oven which my aunt gave my mom when I felt like baking something. Needless to say, the bakes turned out blergh.

Before I was a mum; I not planned to have any kids!

Special thanks for Ching for giving tagging me. Now when I looked at my answers above, it really made me thing... how will my life be now without my kids??!?!

And of course, thanks for labelling me as a pretty mom! LOL

I'll be tagging Ching, Ning's Mommy and happy Homebaker for this MeMe... have fun!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

MeMe - Five facts about myself

This is my 2nd MeMe... abit tough for me to do this MeMe... cracking my head over this ... and here goes:

1. I'm a middle child... and suffer from the classic middle child syndrome! :P

2. My oven has been with me for over 8 years. It has broken down a couple of times and it just went "kaput" 30mins ago! guess it's time to hunt for a new oven but I really can't bear to put this baby to "rest".

3. My fav pastime is blog-hopping. And of course, I go to foodblogs!

4. This is an exciting year for me! New home, new workplace!

5. I'm a home person. I can stay at home for days in a row without stepping out at all!

Phew! Finally done....



Thanks to Elyn for awarding me this....

Abit embarassed abt receiving this, as I dun think I'm as nice as I appear to be! :P


Monday, February 18, 2008

Sugar rolls

Baked these rolls on a Sunday morning as DD requested for it. Actually she wanted DH to buy some from a local bakery, saying that it's been sometime since she last ate some. She asked for the rolls late on Saturday nite, so I tot why not I just bake her some the next morning?

However, we all did not get to eat the sugar rolls until this morning as our Sunday was packed with activities and the roll was kept uncut in the fridge.
Well, the kids did enjoy eating these rolls.... and me too! I'm quite happy with how the rolls turned out this time. There was no crack and it was tightly rolled. Looked and tasted good!


Baked donuts

Did these baked donuts on the 2nd day of CNY... yes, 2nd DAY!

It's the traditional day of "hui niang jia", where the daughter who had been "married off" gets to return to her parent's place for visiting. Well, that's the traditional way of life... definately not mine! LOL... I visit my parents everyday, cny or not. :P

Anyway, back to the donuts. This time I tried a different recipe and it's really not up to my expectations. I'll try out another recipe the next time... still have not found my perfect donut yet!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Year!


Cornflakes crisps

Well well, decided to make somefin simple after the tedious pineapple tarts! LOL... this took less than 1 hr to complete and it's a hit with the kids!


Pineapple open tarts....

I took some time last nite to bake some of these tarts. Quite good, considering the pastry was rather crisp when out of the oven. I dunno if it'll soften alot once it's been left ard for 1-2 days. Let's hope it'll taste just as good!
After not making any open tarts for so long and trying to get it done, I still felt that it's more work making these tarts than the closed ones.


Saturday, February 02, 2008


I finally found some time to do up pineapple tarts. as out most of the day and then decided to rush ouot the tarts as a gift for a dear fren. In my hurry, I left out 2 egg yolks in the recipe! But I still decided to go ahead with the tarts and pray hard that the pastry will turn out oook. Well, it was softer than usual, so the patterns I crimped on the pastry was not well-defined... Well, it's really very soft and melt-in-the-mouth.... and I love it!
I still got a kg of the pineapple paste left, which I'll try making some open tarts. Still trying to decide which recipe to use and how to tweak it. Let's see when I can churn that out....