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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Food review 2007 #01 - Superdog Fastfood

Well, well.... decided to do food review in this new year! Good idea or not? we shall see....

Actually my idea is just to document some of the food joints i go to, i maybe a frequent visitor or trying out the food for the 1st time. Since this is my 1st food review, i've chosen this food joint, SUPERDOG. SUPERDOG is a new joint and it's the 1st time i'm trying the food there too...

It's a crowded place, maybe 'coz it was the public holidays when i decided to drop by viviocity at harbour front with DS to do some shopping... we walked for some time and decided to grab a bite. I'm attracted by the nice decor and furnishings this place offered and i tot since it's a fastfood joint, food shd be fast lor....

The service
The queue moved quite fast and i was surprised... but then when it was my turn, then i realised that all they can give me was my drink... my fries and hotdog are not ready. i was given a number tag and told to grab a seat and my food will be delivered to me. no wonder they cleared the line fast... NO FOOD! The person taking my orders dun seem very friendly. I can't help but wonder if it's 'coz she needs to work on a public holiday while all her customers are having enjoying the holiday. anyway, i tot they need more training on service. she din speak loud enuf and have to repeat her words as i really can't hear wad she was saying. furthermore there dun seem to have enuf smiles to go ard... it think there was a ration.

The price
By the way, i ordered the super value meal which cost me $12.10... erm... i dun think it's "value" in any way.... the superdog alone cost $7 plus. the value meal was supposed to come with the fries and a drink. supposed to add $3 for both items but the gal recommended their best-selling chilli fries to me which i tot shd be worth a try. so it suddenly become $12.10 when the value meal was supposed to cost $10.

This is the superdog i ordered... frankly speaking it's quite good. the bun is fresh and soft... the hotdog is huge and nicely spiced. it was lying on top of a huge piece of bacon...topped by a tomato-based sauce with some diced onions and cheese. As the posters declared, the beef used are all fresh and not frozen...

Now we come to the chilli cheese fries... having been a fan of mcxxxxxx's fries (well, maybe i shd say used to be a fan, after i heard of how the fries are actually produced... but then tat's another story...), i like my fries a tiny lil'bit greasy, salted and crisp on the outside while still soft inside... tat said, the fries offered by superdog really disappoint. while they say they are proud of their chilli, it's not a new or innovative idea to add the chilli sauce and cheese on top of the fries. the chilli sauce does not give me any kick and there was too little cheese! the worst part was that the fries are very dry. i do not enjoy the fries at all... even with the chilli and cheese, it tasted dry... imagine if i had just gotten the plain fries!

I dun think i'll be a frequent visitor of superdog... maybe i'll pop by 6 mths later, just to see if there's any improvement on the service and food... or unless anyone has a HUGE craving of hotdogs!



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