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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Orange Chiffon Cake

In the weekends, DH came home with a carton of fruits... I took a peep and found many oranges in there! I'm not exactly a fan of oranges, probably had an overdose of it when I was younger, which was why I stopped eating them. Orange juice and orange-processed sweets also do not interest me, so I have a hard time to find ways to use them up.
I finally decided to make an orange chiffon cake. And I had a brilliant idea of placing slices of oranges as the base of the chiffon cake mold, and when the cake was baked and overturned, it would be so nicely in place, very much like an upside down cake! I decided that the slices had to be very thin and light, so I went looking for the sharpest knife in the kitchen. Still I had lotsa problems getting the orange cut to thin slices. Sigh.... anyway, I tried my best and crossed my fingers.
brain fart

When the cake was done, I could not wait to unmold it, but I really had to wait for it to cool down. Finally when it was lukewarm, I decided to unmold and check if my idea worked. Lo and Behold... the top actually sank! Guess my orange slices were too heavy for the delicate chiffon. :( Oh well, I never knew until I tried... and I'm glad I did. It did look pretty.... if only the surface was flat and even. LOLz

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