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Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Food review #1 - Ah Orh Seafood Restuarant

Besides myself, my mom is also sifting to a new apartment.... for her, she's moving to a new apartment few blocks away. Since she and my bros will be busy packing, it's impossible to be able to cook something tonite. So we decided to visit a neaby restuarant for dinner... and therefore, my 1st food review in 2008. :)
We've heard good reviews abt this restuarant... even tho' we've been living in this neighbourhood for 30 over years, we haven't tried dining there before.

So here we were tonite, trying out the fare. It's known for it's authentic teochew fare... and of course, there'll be my fav, orh-nee as dessert! *happy*
These are the dishes we ordered.... I've not taken many teochew dishes before, so frankly I dunno how authentic the food is... but well, as long as it satiates my appetite, I'm one happy soul!This is wintermelon soup. It's limited -edition soup! LOL... apparently, the resturant only serves a limited number of this soup everyday. Have to order in advance (when you make the reservation) to ensure that you get a serving! The soup tastes very light... and healthy! What revealed when the lid was uncovered was a chokeful of ingredients in the soup... there's snow fungus, wolfberries, and dried squid. When you scoop the soup out, you're supposed to "dig" into the flesh of the melon... yummy start to the meal!Oyster egg omelette ... the oysters were rather huge and fresh. They were also generous with the serving. Quite good tho' u can see from the pix that they kinda burnt some parts of the omelette... BUT when eaten, you dun really taste anything burnt.The yam basket ... over-fried with bits of the yam burnt... however, the ingredients inside were good. the chicken pieces were nicely stir-fried. The yam tasted a little too sweet. I think they added a tad too much sugar to the mash yam.Steamed garoupa... it tasted really fresh, but in my opinion, it's overcooked (or oversteamed). The flesh still tasted good, not tough. Steamed in the authentic teochew-fashion, the accompanied soup-based was good., tho' I'll much preferred taking a steam promfet anytime. :P
Stir-fry kailan... this dish kinda tasted more cantonese. Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the stems were rather hard and chewy...Crayfish... This dish is so yummy! Altho' it a little spicy, DS loved it so much that he dun mind the spicy taste... LOL... only meant that he had to down a couple of cups of water after taking this! I love the sauce... so good to go with some plain rice.Teochew style braised duck... and there's also pork and beancurd (dao-gua) in there. I'm impressed that the dish was not oily at all! Duck skin usually contains a thick layer of fats... and this was not evident in the dish. The meat were sliced very thinly and even when eaten with the layer of skin, it did not taste oily at all.The ever child-friendly tofu dish. This is braised tofu (hong-sao). DD loved the sauce alot... with mince meat in it, it tasted abit salty and yet flavourful.Stir-fry dua-tau... I dun find this dish impressive. Slightly spicy, it had DS addicted! he kept asking for 2nd helpings... third and even 4th! And lastly, my fav!!!! ORH-EE!!!! Was told that this is a must-order dish for the restuarant... and it definately did not disappoint! the orhnee was really smooth! Soft, and even kinda fluffy texture when in the mouth. The sweetness was just right and no trace of oil! 2 thumbs-up!



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