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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food Review 2008 #08 - Botak Jones

This eartery created a huge hype when it 1st opened. Seems like it has a good following and 'coz it's so successful, now there are 10 outlets all over the island. Started off by an american, it sold american food at coffeshop prices... and of course the stalls are located at coffeeshops!

It took me so long to finally try their food..... when they finally opened an outlet that's considered near my place.

We ordered 4 main courses and a side dish that nite....
Fish and Chips.... This dish turned out ok... in fact, i found it the best of the 4 dishes we ordered. The fish is nicely fried and remained crisp when cold. Still managed to maintain it's moisture after frying and the oil is drained off quite well. The tartar sauce is done just rite... not too sour or heavy. Huge serving of fries at the side.

Australian Ribeye Steak.... The steak comes in 3 servings, and I decided on the smallest one. However, it's quite a disappointment when I received the dish. The steak is a little on the dry side. The meat's cooked unevenly. It was very red and raw on one side of the steak while the other half of the steak was rather "well done". The accompanying sauce tasted alright.
"You've got balls" spaghetti.... this is for the kids to share. The tomatoe-based sauce was rather well done... with the right sourness to it. BUT the meatballs were really dry and tasteless, furthermore, they only served 2 meatballs for the whole plate of spaghetti! Portion of the pasta was huge tho'... good enuf for 2 kids.Cajun Chicken.... I did not expect the chicken to be topped with cheese. It's a nice touch but they used breast meat! (EEEWWWW!!!!) Tho' i've to say that the breast meat was tender, but it was cut so thick that the marinating wasn't sufficiently "absorbed" by the meat.So what we tasted was a thin layer of seasoning on the "skin" of the meat and then it's all white and tasteless underneath.Cheese fries.... I ordered additional plate of fries as I had no idea how big was the serving of the main dishes. Turned out that 3 of the main dishes came with fries at the side. Furthermore, I intended to let the kids share this as they love cheese and fries (which kid doesn't huh?). When I saw the cheese fries, I got a shock. They actually baked the fries after sprinkling some cheese on it! the fries turned out hard and oily. Needless to say, none of us enjoyed eating this. We had problems finishing the fries that came with our main dish and suffered an overdose of fries here!Service-wise, I am very pleased. The crew was very efficient and polite. The food arrived at our table within 5-10mins. My only gripe is that when I placed an order for the cheese fries, the cashier could've alerted me to the fact that the main courses that I ordered already come with fries. One of the crew actually went ard each table offering sweets and chocolates for the kids, being National Day! LOL....

Lastly, I don't think I'll patronise this stall again. Maybe I'll visit another outlet, but the food really disappointed me. :P

PS : For those interested in trying out Botak Jones, visit their website for more info...



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