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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reflections & Moving Forward....

First of all, a very Happy New Year everyone!

I spent my last moments of 2008 and first moments of 2009 stuck in traffic. LOL... Bro offered to drive us to catch the fireworks at Marina Barrage and I was all for it as it'll be a good chance to let the kids experience not sleeping past midnight and watching fireworks. However, the kids fell asleep before we even left the house and so we're left with 4 adults. Made our way to Marina Barrage and there was a terrible jam. When we're within 1km or so, we were turned back by the traffic police as the car park was totally bursting. So changed of plans last minute and I suggested that we drive down Shenton Way and find a parking lot... guess it was a really bad decision... but then again... all roads around the city were jammed! So there we were, trapped in a jam and listening to the countdown on the radio. We did see fireworks tho'... glimpses of it in between the tall bldgs! Made a turn at the nearest junction to go home after that as the show was over by then. I hope this is no indication of how my 2009 will be!

2008 had been a roller-coaster year for me. There were plenty of ups and downs. Some bad decisions I made years before came back to haunt me before the year ended. I would not say I regretted making those decisions, but alot of what-ifs did flash thru my mind. I guess I just needed to brace up and move on. Needless to say, I've made some decisions in 2008 which I hope will turn out fine in the years to come. I did manage to attend a couple of baking classes which I really enjoyed and benefited from. On the home front, I had less issues with family and friends compared to 2007 which I am really grateful for! Career-wise, I've moved on to another company which I am enjoying myself better.

Moving on 2009.... Cherilynn is starting her primary school education. I believe she'll have no problems adapting to it. As for DS, I wish for him to be more sensible. It's gonna be a tough year ahead judging from my horoscope and zodiac forecast, not forgetting the bad economy.But whatever life throws at me, I've got no choice but shoulder on.

For now, I count my blessings. At least compared to others, I'm still blessed... with loved ones, health and a job. I did not make any resolutions for this year. Just hoping that it'll be a smooth-sailing year.... and finally get to feel happy again.



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