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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bundt Cake

I always wanted a nice bundt cake mold and had come across many and the nordicware design really took my breath away. However, it's too expensive, especially when it's imported into sg. Getting someone to help me purchase it in the USA also does not work as it's a heavy mold. So I have to settle for wadeva's available in sg and finally found a silicone one not too long ago. Thanks to Eyln for providing me the recipe for the cake. I had to reduce the amount of sugar as the amount stated in the recipe gave me a shock. I think it'll be too sweet for the family's palate, so I cut down abt 100gms of sugar and after drizzling some chocolate on it, the sweetness was just nice. Lovely, especially with a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate.
The cake without the chocolate... very plain... and it did not brown nicely. guess coz I use silicon mold.Ahhhh... much better....



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