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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cupcake pops!

I ordered this cupcake pop mold from Elyn with Cherilynn's Birthday in mind. I had thot it'll make a cool giveaway pressie to her classmates in school on her birthday. Little do I know that my princess actually did not think it'll be a good idea. She preferred to have a whole cake and candles for her birthday celebration. And I also came to know that there's a handful of muslim students in her class, which meant that I would have to prepare something different for them. So in the end, we decided to scrap the idea and just celebrate with family members.

I had fun "playing" with the cupcake pop mold and coating the pops with chocolate. Well, it did get a little messy in the beginning during the shaping part and I took sometime to figure out that the flaws during the shaping would probably be well covered by the coating of chocolate at the later stage. Also I had overlooked and did not manage to get the sucker stickers for these pops. In the end, I improvised and bought straws to replace those sticks. They worked fine, but maybe a little soft and won't be able to handle the finished pops if they were to get any bigger. However, after all were done, I realised that these cupcake pops were really photogenic! The kids love them, so I'll probably make another batch of these soon.

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