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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting into the CNY mood...

There's only less than 1 mth to Chinese New Year!

As DH is still not back from his working trip overseas, I decided to bring my kids shopping at Chinatown... to de-stress and also let them enjoy picking their new clothes! Like most of the pre-schools and primary schools in sg, there'll be a day where the school celebrates cny beforehand. With that in mind, I decided to go to chinatown to buy a set of chinese costume for each of my kids. It maybe still early to really feel the electric atmosphere of cny at chinatown (when the nite market really comes alive the last 2 weeks to cny), the children still had a good time nevertheless today.

These are the clothes we picked up today. The black and red trousers set for DS, the bright red skirt set for DD, and for myself, a samfoo (dunno if it's correct to call it samfoo) top. Actually this is the 1st time i'm getting a top like this. Used to balk at wearing somefin like these in the past -_-lll ...

sigh... guess i'm really getting OLD! when now i actually LIKE this top very much! hah

I'll be trying to do some baking this weekends to gear up for cny... hopefully i'll post abt it tmr! stay tuned! :)



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