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Sunday, February 04, 2007

1st b'day cake of the year....

Firstly, I apologise for not updating my blog as often as i like to. Things are moving at a crazy speed lately and i'm totally worn out.

However, there's one b'day cake that i MUST bake every year... it's the b'day cake of my dear best friend, FION. As she's always overseas, whenever she's back in sg, i try as much as possible to bake her a cake. As i can't decide on which cake to bake her, I got her to look thru' my blog and my past bakes to choose somefin that she likes. In the end, she asked for a yam cake... so here's the yam dream cake.... (sorry, i din get any shots of the sliced cake, as u know... it's a gift)

Happy B'day my dear friend.... I hope you enjoyed the cake as much as i enjoyed baking it for you.



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