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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Food Review 2007 #03 - Aburiya

Let me start off this post by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.... It's been a long while that I've time to dine alone with DH. With him back in sg for the CNY period, of course I won't waste any opportunity to "romance" him with food! hah.
This Japanese joint, ABURIYA, has been around for some time. I remembered some time last year, my brother told me abt this place. He found the food to be good, altho' abit on the pricey side (that's for the ala carte menu). Anyway, we tried gng there once to try the food but was turned away 'coz it was full. Apparently, reservations were needed to be able to step in there. So i made a mental note that i MUST try the food here one day....

So here comes the occasion... well, we did make reservations, but only on the nite b4.. and was told that the place is full (again) and they can only offer us counter seats! Oh well, we decided to just grab those 2 precious counter seats.... The surprise came when we reached the joint and were urshered to a table instead. I guess someone had reserved a table but did not turn up.

OK... now the food.... we chose the set menu for 2 at $70. It consist of a mix of different meats, namely - duck, lamb, beef and pork. Also we were offered a small bowl of kimchi, a huge bowl of salad, another huge bowl of egg-drop soup and also 2 bowls of plain white rice. There's also the dessert, which is ice-cream (more of that later...). Besides that, we both ordered a drink each.This is the BBQ "stove" which we're gonna BBQ our food on.

The meats grilling... hear the sizzle?

Yum yum.....
Assorted veg (which are are supposed to grill too....). The corn is really sweet after grilling! and I love the onions too.
The beef stew...goes perfectly with the white rice. I think this dish is more like a filler...
I ordered fruit punch.(end up drinking less than half of it... really too full after all the food and that big bowl of soup!)
Ice cream to finish off the meal... I got the green tea while DH chose the chocolate.
Overall, the dining experience is pleasant.... will go back there again some day, if I can call in advance to make reservations. They have a good selection of meats if u want ala carte but be prepared to fork out alot more for the meal. The set menus were good value for money, allowing me to try different meats. There are 4 types of set menu... one of which is only beef ($80), and there's different cuts of beef included.
Aburiya is located at :
60 Robertson Quay, #01-03 The Quayside, Singapore 238252.
Tel : (65) 6735 4862



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