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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MORE food pics!!!!!

OK, I LIED. :P How can one get tired of more food right? hehe, esp those on a see-food diet....
Corns can be bought almost everywhere we went. It could be steamed, boiled, or even grilled. Some are purple, white and the commonly seen yellow.
We were strolling along DAN SHUI old street and came across this shop called JIN TAI YANG (golden sun). It's like a zi-char shop. It's a double-storey, where u can opt for (DIY) bbq food on the 2nd storey where it's open-air. After looking at the menu, we found that the prices are very reasonable.. so after strolling till the end of the street, we turned back and decided to have our dinner here.

Salt and Pepper Prawns. GOOD.
This is stir-fry wild boar meat. The meat was sliced very thinly and stir-fried with some spring onions, ginger and chilli. This is the 1st time we're trying wild boar meat... tasted very chewy, but delicious, nevertheless.Sweet and sour fish. Cost only NT$300 (ard SGD$15). A very good deal as it's live fish... one moment it was in the fish tank behind us, the next moment, it's presented like this! But I dunno wad kind of fish this is tho. The fish is black in colour and the skin is quite thick and leathery. Fried rice for the kids. Nicely seasoned.Fried noodles. Mom liked this!This is the menu cum bill. We just have to tick wad we want on it and then pay up after totalling the bill.



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