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Monday, March 19, 2007

Food in Taiwan (part 3)

Spent my last nite in Taipei walking ard XiMenDing. And of course, looking for more food! haha

This is a MUST-EAT when in Ximenting. Ah Zhong Mian-Xian. This shop is supposedly the "grandfather" of all mi-suah stalls in Taipei. And it really did not disappoint. The mian-xian serving comes in 2 sizes. And the mian-xian is nice, slurpy and soft, yet it doesn't break easily. There's bits of da-chang (pig intestines) in the bowl, which gives a very chewy texture. Only fall-back is that there's a long queue (which doesn't seems to end, altho' the queue moves pretty fast) and there's NO SEATS available. Everyone has to stand and eat outside the shops and along the corridor. The cordiments (like vinegar, chilli sauce and coriander) are placed on the left side of the shop and you have to help yrself to it. And after u finished yr food, you have to put the bowls in one pail and the utensils (only spoon is provided) in another. An interesting experience... and i think it's a very good idea as it makes us (the customers) finish up the bowl of mi-suah really fast! This is grilled mochi. Very chewy and nice. You can choose from the different toppings like cheese, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc...
One of the many shaven ice shops in XiMenDing. This is one shop which you must not miss too! Taiwanese love their ru-wei (braised food).... This is where I finally got to taste brasied duck tongues I often see in taiwanese shows. See the pic at the bottom right hand corner? looks obscene? hahaha.... well, it taste yummy! Of course the shop offers other stuff like duck wings, chicken feet (I noticed that Taiwanese also love this!) and some other "organs" of the chicken and ducks!



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