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Saturday, March 10, 2007


The letters were handed out on Thursday. Officially, 6 colleagues will be leaving the dept i'm in, and out of the 6, 2 of them are from my group. To me, it's considered a really close shave. There's only 5 of us in our group, and having cut off 2, means only 3 or 60% of our group strength is left. It's quite a shocker, as I tot all along that only 1 of us will be axed... I'm still trying to let this reality sink in. Altho' I'm quite sure that I won't be in that namelist but there's always an unexpected twist somehow... So I kinda mentally prepare myself in case it hits ME. I know alot of adjustments will be needed... and I've even sms-ed and called DH several times to discuss wad to do in case it really happens to me. But as my BIG BOSS puts it, re-organisation is really needed so that the company can be in the black from now on. With this re-organisation in place, the remaining staff will be jotted out of their comfort zone, feel a sense of crisis and perhaps perform better in case in future they may become the ones being booted. Now with 3 of us remaining, we'll be further split into 2 different groups. From then on, we'll be working under a different boss and be fully accountable for our "proft and loss", as the upper management puts it.

I can only hope that this re-organisation will really work and bring in the profits. Then, all will be happy and fine..... tat's for time to tell and I'm actually predicting that the results will show in 1 year's time. Crossing my fingers now.....



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