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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Food Review 2007 #5 - Loy Sum Juan

Father's day is just round the corner... but since we're going away for a short trip to M'sia this weekends and it was my Father's b'day last sunday, we decided to celebrate both occasions together.

For the dinner that day, we did not plan ahead where to have our dinner. In the end, Mom decided that we shd go somewhere nearby and we settled on LOY SUM JUAN.

This establishment has been around for decades. I remember when I was still a little gal, we used to go there for my late grandma's b'day dinners. She loved the steamed fish head served there. But for me, as a kid, all I can remember was that it was always very packed and the boss even rushed us (the CUSTOMERS!!!) to finish our food fast. Well, Singaporeans are a really peculiar lot... we dun seem to mind any kind of attitude of the hawker/cook/chef if the food is good! haha... anyway, my childhood memories of that restaurant remained firmly etched in my mind. At that time, the restaurant was located at Outram Park. When the govt announced plans to build the MRT line, the bldgs at Outram Park had to be demolished. Loy Sum Juan then relocated to Tiong Bahru Plaza, where it remained till now.

The food remained good... the popular dishes are still served, exactly the same way it was done years ago. However, their service has not improved much. At the recep counter, the gal who served us was not in uniform. In fact, she was dressed so casually, that DH remarked that she could be working in the kitchen instead! hah! Anyway, the restaurant was only half-filled when we reached there during dinner time.

The variety of dishes on the menu is good ... so we did spend some time selecting. However, the waitress was not very helpful, maybe she's new?
This is what we had that nite.....

The famous steamed fish head. Still taste as delicious as ever. They've added some new variations to this dish, but we still thot it's better to stick to the tried and tasted. Mom tried replicating this dish at home... taste is quite close. Well, the ingredients are simple... I guess that's why.
Marmite pork ribs. This dish is a pleasant surprise... it's sweet and the ribs were well marinated. The flesh remained juicy.
Shrimp paste fried chicken... This is a clear winner. I've tasted shrimp paste chicken from many places, this one wins thumbs up. The skin is very crisp and fragrant. The chicken tasted very tender and juicy. LOVE IT.
Stewed duck with sea cucumber.... We ordered half a duck. The duck is stewed till soft... in my opinion, not soft enuf. would love it if it's more "melt-in-the-mouth texture. But nevertheless, the chef had done a good job with this dish. The sauce went very well with rice!
The mixed veg dish.... This dish is well done. Love the assortment of mushrooms in it. Kids and the older folks love it too.

Stir-fired sambal kangkong ... Mom loves to order this dish whenever we eat out. She said the same taste cannot be obtained at home as we dun have the same "BIG FIRE" the restaurant kitchens are equipped!.... anyway this time, this dish had disappointed us. The dish was too oily. My bro even commented that my mom can do a better job with this veg at home!
Hotplate tofu.... a simple dish... deep-fried egg tofu with minced meat and mushroom in the sauce. Very child-friendly.
Steamed prawns in ginger & garlic paste.... the prawns tasted fresh, but nothing to shout abt.
Oatmeal prawns... i L.O.V.E this! Actually i'm no fan of prawns but I really enjoyed this dish alot. The prawns were deep-fried... the shells were very crispy that I ate it whole! Could taste that the prawns were very fresh. And it was really fragrant! I was scooping all the oats to go with my rice... unhealthy, I know... but then I seldom eat prawns cooked this way. keke
To round this up.... LOY SUM JUAN still lived up to it's reputation. The portions served were good, the prices very reasonable. And more imptly, the customers were no longer being chided but the boss for eating fast enuf anymore. But it's sad to see that even at dinnertime, the place was not full. They probably have to spruce up the place and service to attract more customers. Well, I'll definately be back there for another makan session soon.....



  • I'm drooling looking at all these dishes! I miss it a lot! The only thing new that I haven't tried yet is the marmite pork ribs, marmite anything seem to be popular these days!

    Oh yeah and the salted egg crabs?

    By Blogger Little Corner of Mine, at 6:30 AM, June 14, 2007  

  • actually u can try the marmite dish at home... my take is to use it like the hoisin sauce... or even to replace oyster sauce and see how it turns out. keke...

    oh CRABS.... i love it too!

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 11:44 AM, June 14, 2007  

  • I am an old customer to this restaurant too. Just gotta know they have shifted to a new place, just to share:

    Hope this help.... :-)


    By Blogger viviclubz, at 6:20 PM, June 01, 2009  

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