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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Food Review 2007 #6 - Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum

Was at Genting Highlands last weekends for a short getaway... the adults, to escape the warm weather in sg; the kids, to enjoy themselves at the Theme parks.

Mealtimes were such a headache! We were simply spoilt for choice. Be it fast food joints or nice high-end sitdown restaurants, they are everywhere. We were walking ard exploring the place when we came upon a very familiar name, Ah Yat Forum.... Upon closer scrutiny, we saw that they actually serve dim-sum in the mornings. That's somefin new.... I dun remember seeing Ah Yat in sg serving dim-sums. So we decided to try the dim-sum there for b'fast the next day.

We were there ard 9.30am...the place is abt 60% full. The restaurant starts their business at 9am daily. Service was prompt, and the decor of the restaurant is very pleasant.

Here are wad we ordered :DS's fav chicken feet... abit spicy, but nicely seasoned. 2nd pic is glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf - very fragrant... can see that there's dried scallop in it. Last pic is egg custard bao (nai wong bao). This is the 1st time I ate this. Was told that the bao is not authentic enuf... hm... how is it supposed to taste like????My fav char siew bao - not sweet enuf for me! :P 2nd pic is steamed pork ribs. This dish is pretty well-done too. The last pic is egg tart. Very flaky crust and it was served warm.... yum!This is one of my fav too! Yam wrapped with filling and then deep-fried.... I love everything YAM....yum! Next up is prawn fun-cheong. The accompanying sauce is too little. Taste-wise not bad. Then we had siew-mai. Love the shrimp roes tat topped it.
Shark-fin dumplings. A tard too dry. A small piece of shark-fin was found inside it.... but u really have to look REALLY close to find it! The next dish was deep-fried fu-pei with fish paste as filling. Nothing special.

Finally, the har-gao. Crunchy prawns.... then the last dish is har gao with chives... hm.. din get to try this but I can smell the chives once it was served.



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