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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Going somewhere.... (part 1)

This is how dark the skies were when I left home yesterday.....

NO LAR... I din really LEAVE home, but went for a day-tour to JB.

Since December last year, I promised to bring the kids to a day-tour which consist of visiting an ostrich farm, fruit farm (both in desaru) and then the finale of the tour, a fireflies watching boat ride at Kota Tinggi. I wanted to expose the kids to mother nature and this is definately a very enriching and interesting way to do so.

We started the day by leaving the house at 6.15am, to meet at a carpark where the coach is waiting.

The 1st stop after leaving the m'sian immigration was a coffeeshop at Sentosa. It's b'fast time and the food the tour guide was raving abt turned out ok. We were expecting it to be really nice when he kept describing to us along the way how delicious it was. We had prawn noodles, yong tau foo curry hor-fan and claypot bak ku teh, which is served either with rice or mee-suah. No pics of the food. Not too bad, but was rather pissed that they charged us RM$1.50 (for the prawn noodles) more when they know that we're singaporeans.
The morning was spent gng to some shop selling the local specialities, like pong-bia, tau-sar bia and even sour plums! (the tour guide claimed that the sour plums from that particular shop is good, not too sour and is a good relief for those with constipation problems!)

Before we went on a 1.5 hr ride to Pengerang, we stopped by Giant hypermart... ended up with lotsa tibits as it's selling at the same price as Singapore, only that it's in RM! (so it's actually half the price of sg)

After sitting in the coach for 1.5 hrs, we arrived at 四湾岛 (Pengarang). Went direct to have our lunch at a local restaurant. Food was not bad... there's prawns, fish and even crabs! Pengerang is known for harvesting small lobsters from the shallow seas... so we have that for lunch too. The lobsters were deep fried, marinated with curry powder. However, dun expect large and firm flesh, tho' it tasted really fresh.
After lunch, we ordered chendol from the stall next door.... VERY DELICIOUS... esp in this hot weather! and cheap too.... RM1.50 per bowl... the gula melaka is very fragrant.... After lunch, we were driven to a herb garden. Actually it's a small patch of land next to a temple. The garden owner also takes care of the temple. All the herbs are labelled and have details on the labels what it's good for and even how to consume them. The owner is incredibly friendly and helpful... if u request for certain herbs, she'll even cut some for u. But knowing human nature, alot of ppl will request and end up throwing them away once they reached home! We got to try chewing some of the leaves of the herbs. The plants are all organic, so it's very safe.



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