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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Going somewhere... (part 2)

Next stop.... Ostrich Farm. This is one place that the kids were looking forward to! Well, frankly, I got no idea wad to expect from this place, until the gates opened... Firstly we were introduced to the egg of the ostrich and then the whole life cycle and also wad parts of the ostrich were utilised after they were SLAUGTHERED! Some ostriches were confined in an area as it's the mating season now... too bad we din get to see any mating dance that ostriches were famous for. Then there were several boarded areas where different ages of ostriches are placed. It's a great place as we got to know alot more abt ostriches. To end off the visit, DS got to ride on an ostrich! I din expect him to be so brave to actually asked to get on an ostrich... but well, he did it and din show any fear... guess my little boy has really grown up!DD holding on to an ostrich egg... 2nd pic is a 1-week old ostrich, an finally DS on an ostrich ride.
This literally pushed the term "goose pimples" to a higher level!A one-day old ostrich, trying to struggle free of the egg.Polish chicken... the feathers on the head makes a beautiful crown... reminds me of a feather duster tho'. :P



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