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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's still not what I'm looking for....

There is an interesting discussion in one of the local cooking/baking forum abt chinese almond cookies. With CNY is round the corner, and I guess everyone's trying to locate recipes that maybe useful.... i remember sourcing for the recipe to these cookies 1 year back and in the end, I was left clueless. So when there was a request for this recipe, it immediately caught my attention! Coincidentally, I was browsing at the bokshop y'day and came across a recipebook and there's the recipe staring at me! Without thinking, I just grab a copy and headed for the cashier... I set abt trying the recipe out this afternoon.... the texture and taste turned out totally different from the many types of chinese almond cookies I've tried.

I'm terribly disappointed...

The process of the preparation is very similar to kueh koya which i had attempted b4... this is how the cookies looks like...



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