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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Light Fruit Cake

Well, after the disappointing almond cookies, I decided I shd bake somefin fail-proof to console myself a little. I remembered Florence posted her fruitcake recipe b4 x'mas. Well, I wasn't really a fan of fruitcakes, since I dun really like raisins much. The thing abt the traditional fruitcakes was that it's too dense and sweet for my liking. But Florence was so full of praise for this recipe, that I tot there's no harm trying it out... furthermore, others in the family are raisins and fruitcakes lovers... so I shdn't deprive them of enjoying the cake, shd i?

I'm glad I gave it a shot. The texture is very light! Just as what Florence had described it to be... However, due to my greediness, I added extra alcohol to the cake and also made some modifications to the sugar.... the verdict? it's definately a keeper... gonna make one for my mom and also for a relative's potluck this coming cny! Well, I do get a review that the alcohol is abit too much... well, if the kids are not drunk of consuming this cake, I think I shd just let it be. LOL...



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