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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marbled Butter Cake

I was feeling really lazy this weekends and seriously considered not baking anything at all. However, on my way home with Dh and the kids after a morning swimming session, I asked them what they want for b'fast tmr. I was thinking of taking a shortcut by letting the breadmaker work. I had planned to bake a peanut butter bread loaf. Surprisingly, Dh and the kids said they wan to have a cake for b'fast! So I threw some suggestions, like oreo cake, sponge cake, and even banana cake, but they wanted a simple butter cake instead. DH then asked for a chocolate flavoured one.

So it was a really good opportunity for me to try out the silicon mold I bought at FHA08. And I wanted a plain vanilla flavoured butter cake, so to compromise, I did a marbled cake instead.
Looks a little like pizza or mooncake huh?
The cake did not rise high. 'coz the cake mold is 10 inches...and I used a 5-egg recipe. I probably needed a 6 or 7 egg recipe to make it fill up the mold nicely. But then this is good enough to satisfy everyone's craving for a cake for now!



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