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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cooling off

The warm weather had really hit us hard this time. It's so unexpected after a few weeks of cool weather and heavy rains. But then again, it's already May and it should be the hot hot HOT months in sg.

I caught a flu bug and felt really under the weather with a bad throat, swollen tonsils and blocked nose! YES, the full works... :( Being under medication means I'm feeling sleepy and lethargic most of the time. I knew that my body is too "heaty" and even the doc advised me to avoid heaty foods. So I decided to make some agar-agars. DH had requested that I make some 2 weeks ago, but I was too caught up with other stuff. It's been a long time since I last made agar-agar and it's really a good choice of dessert in this high temps we're experiencing now. And I finally got to try out the flower agar mold I bought in Ng Ming Huat many moons ago. :PVery happy with the flower molds... very pretty huh?
The rest of the agar turned into little fishies. :P



  • The flower is really very pretty! I like how you use the different color on it :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 PM, May 04, 2008  

  • haha..your are artistic! Your flowers and fishes agar-agar looks so pretty. It shows you have patience too :)

    By Blogger Elin Chia, at 10:07 AM, May 05, 2008  

  • Thanks elyn. i think u also bot the flower molds rite? take it out rite now and make some agar too!

    hi elinluv... *embarassed*... it's a simple dessert. tat's all i can manage in this hot weather!

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 2:10 PM, May 05, 2008  

  • Er ... yes, I think I bought the mould, no wonder I ask myself if I have something similar. Kekeke

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 PM, May 05, 2008  

  • The flowers are so pretty - almost too pretty to eat! you did an amazing job with these.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 PM, May 05, 2008  

  • Thanks jj!i believe everyone can do the same. it's a mold and all u need is add in the agar agar and let it settle. :)

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:01 AM, May 06, 2008  

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