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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm still not fully recovered from the bug I caught last week. Thus, I was not up to baking a cake for Mother's day. Furthermore, whenever there's occasions like Mother's Day, we'll end up stuffing ourselves silly in restuarant, leaving no space for cakes! LOL...

However, since there's no cake for the occasion, I thot some cookies will be as good. So I baked some butter cookies, at the same time try out a cookie press DH got for me on his last trip to China. This cookie press is really cheap, cost only SGD$5. I wasn't very sure that it'll do a good job so I delayed trying it out till now. I was kinda proven right when I realised that the dough did not come out evenly... kinda loopsided... so I tried out different plates and finally decided on the heart-shaped one. This plate, surprisingly, came out with good shapes! So I stuck with this plate till the dough was finished. I'm really curious... is it 'coz the cookie press is a cheap one that will have this kinda problem? Or even the expensive ones like wilton will also have a mind of it's own? Pls... someone, enlighten me! LOL

Anyway, the recipe is quite a good one... the cookies melted in my mouth... love it! will be baking more of these soon. :)

I'll make myself a nice cup of milo and enjoy these cookies for my breakfast. That said, I wish all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!



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