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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peanut Butter Bread Loaf

I baked this loaf on Monday nite as DS had an outing the next day to Sentosa and needed to pack some sandwiches to bring along. I had planned to try this recipe for some time, but it's the lazy bug which stopped me everytime! LOL...

I started the whole process using the breadmaker at 7.30pm and it was done at 10.15pm. Not too bad as I still got my beauty sleep on time. I left the loaf to cool in the oven as I did not want to stay up just to wait for it to cool.

The loaf turned out pretty well. The recipe's definately a keeper. The bread's soft, tho' it's abit dense at the bottom... but it's still acceptable. The peanut butter taste is not apparent but there's a subtle nutty taste to it and it's slightly salty. The kids and DH love it... I guess that's all that matters. :P
Thanks to Happy Homebaker for sharing the recipe...
This is ham and cheese sandwich for DS.

By the way, I tried a new product in the market... ayam brand fish luncheon meat..... well, the piece of luncheon is very dry, maybe 'coz it's made of fish, and there's not much oil. When I was deciding if i shd get it, the sales person told me that it was good. I asked her how it tasted like, if it's somefin like otah. She said it's harder than otah....more like fish cake... I was really curious, so i bought it. Well, now i can say that I won't be buying another can of fish luncheon meat! Altho' it's definately a healthier choice, compared to the pork ones available, and being much kinder to the pocket. The fishy taste is very evident... and on the whole it's rather dry. it does taste abit like otah, minus the coconut milk.... and harder, of course! Not well-received by the family... too bad.



  • The sandwiches look good! and thanks for sharing the tip about cooling the bread in the oven, I did that last night too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 PM, May 23, 2008  

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