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Monday, August 04, 2008

Cheese Chiffon Cake with Blueberries

Since the pandan chiffon was so well-recieved, i decided to bake another chiffon cake. This time I revisited the cheese chiffon cake recipe I had used b4 long ago. Decided to incorporate some blueberries into the cake so that the flavour will be stronger and blueberries complemented the cheese very well too. To make it more visually pleasing, I mixed in some violet colouring into half of the batter and swirl it.

The end results? The cake's airy but still very soft and moist. I think I'll need to tweak the recipe abit, maybe add in more flour so that the cake has a firmer structure. But overall, the tart blueberries provided a nice dimension to the cake.

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