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Monday, July 12, 2010

Blackforest cake - Mom's Birthday

The cake was done for Mom's 67th Birthday. I guess when one grows older, he/she tends to be fussier about food. In my mom's case, I had to be careful to choose what kind of cake to make for her. I hope she liked this. I used up nearly 2 cans of pitted dark cherries for the fillings in between the layers and also squeezed in as many fresh cherries as possible for the top. Brushed kirsh on the cake layers as I assembled the cake. The cream whipped up so beautifully this time. *happy*

I have the syrup of the canned cherries reserved for some other use. Also abt 5 pcs of the pitted cherries.... more of that coming up in the next post.... meanwhile, enjoy these pics. :)



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