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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherries Agar Agar

As mentioned in my earlier post, there was syrup leftover from the 2 cans of pitted dark cherries I used for the blackforest cake. The syrup in the canned cherries was very thick and smelled really nice. It'll be such a waste to pour it away. So I decided to make agar-agar with it. I even pureed the 5pcs of cherries and added into the syrup.

I proceeded to boil the agar agar powder in some water and then added the cherry syrup to it. Prior to that, I had scooped out a portion of the agar-agar and set aside. I added some milk to that.

I intended to make layered agar-agar, alternating the cherry layers with milk. However, being the impatient person that I am, the layers did not turn out. Even tho' I had tried my best to wait patiently for the layers to set, when I added the next layer of agar-agar to it, the layers just kinda combined together. To the point that I decided that I had enough of waiting.... I just dumped whatever's remaining into the mold to set.
to hell with that!

Fast forward to the next day, to my surprise, when I unmolded the agar-agar, it did not look that bad! I love the deep hue of burgundy and there's actually some signs of layers towards the base! Of course, I had to check the insides... so I cut it and was pleasantly surprised to see that there's a "marbling" effect to it! LOL.... Taste-wise, it was really good. Altho' it's a little too soft to my liking... but well, I'll take it as a good attempt on my part. Well, I think I must really be learn to be more patient when it comes to making layered agar-agar. :P



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