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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Assorted buns

Chocolate wassants
It's been a long while since I last made breads. It's not that I don't like breads. In fact, the whole family loves it, but it's just the long process of making that turns me off sometimes. I do not get to stay at home for the whole day in the weekends. Weekdays is totally out of the question as I do not wish to stay up all nite waiting for the bread to proof, then bake, THEN cool down.

It certainly did not help when the weather's been so cranky lately. Just when I decided to make some buns, it started pouring. The day before was perfectly bright and sunny!

Used my KA to knead the dough and the poor machine was *coughing and whining* so much that I thought it could break down anytime. The entire process of kneading till the dough passed the pane test took a good 45mins! However, even tho' the weather was cooling, the dough did proof beautifully.

I did a chocolate filling for one half of the dough and made chocolate wassants and the other half, I filled it with canned tuna and slices of luncheon meat.

Tuna buns
So tt's good b'fast for my kiddos for the next few days!
Luncheon meat buns



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