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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mooncake 2010 - Traditional Baked Mooncakes

I've made use of the long weekends to bake some mooncakes. Last year, I did not have the time to bake these, and made snowskin and agar-agar ones instead. It made me realise that I still prefer and appreciate these old-school baked mooncakes.

I had been using Florence's recipe for mooncakes and as usual, I used it again this year. It's a good, no-fail recipe. Thanks Florence, for your generous sharing.

I only made single yolk ones as I'm no fan of salted egg yolks, but since I'm giving some of them away as festive gifts, having a yolk in them makes them more presentable. :P

Here's the mooncakes... I LOVE the mold. Special thanks to Elyn for bringing them in!
There was leftover dough and filling, so I made a piglet and use the cookie cutter to finish up the dough.

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