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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends and Birthdays

Baked some choc cuppies for 2 friends who's b'days is/was these few days. "Was" 'coz I remembered one of the dates wrongly!

I'm not someone who warms up easily to strangers and have very few close friends. As one aged, in my case, seems like my circle of friends got smaller. I'm more careful in choosing who I want to be associated with, as with experience, I kinda know how to filter ppl I meet everyday to a few categories, ie, people I'll avoid at all cost, people I take at face value (the "hi and "bye" kind) and the most impt gp... individuals which I click with and consider them friends. Of course, all friendships need time to develop too. Some of you may not agree with me, but being in my 30's and having 2 young kids hanging ard me after my work hours in the office (it's work hours after i leave the office everyday.... as a mom. :P), it leaves me very little time to have much interaction with other people. That's why I value the (few) friends around me.
I came to know E only 2 years ago, thru' my love for baking. Needless to say, she quickly became a very good baking khaki. By pure co-incidence, we later discovered that we were colleagues! But 6 mths ago, I left that company. Still E and I kept in close contact, going on shopping trips, experimenting and exploring baking recipes together and exchanging tips and pointers. I truly enjoyed her company and enjoy this friendship very much.

As for the other friend, B. I got to know her thru another friend. Came to know abt her problems getting along with another gp of friends. I'm taking this opportunity to extend my friendship to her. I'm not good at consoling others but I'm glad to provide a listening ear anytime.

It was pretty late when I did these cuppies last nite. I used nutella as the frosting on the tops and it's simply decorated. My brains were pretty fried by the end of the day, so this was the best I can manage. I hope the gals will like what I did...

Happy Birthday E and B!



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