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Monday, January 18, 2010

Strawberry Shortcakes

Since the new school year started, weekends seemed to come and go at such amazing speed. Very soon, we'll be looking at Feb (yay! cny!) and then March will be at our doorsteps. As much as I try to get some baking done, the tons of stuff to do and NOT added up and I usually feel too exhausted.

Anyway, no matter how tired I am, there is always a cake to be baked in January that I will definately chun out. It's my bestie's b'day and there has been a few years that she was not in sg that I cannot celebrate with her. So, since now she's settled down here (at least for the time being), there is simply no excuses not to turn up with a cake for her!

Happy Birthday Dear Fion!
Whenever I bake this cake, I'll double the recipe so that the family can have a share of this wonderfully moist and delicious cake.... so this is for the family... a square cake, so that it makes dividing the cake easier. no fighting for that strawberry! LOLz.



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