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Monday, March 19, 2007

Food in Taiwan (part 2)

These are the various snacks/foods found in JIU-FEN. It's a "market" located in the hilly areas, at the suburbs of Taipei. I like this place very much... very cooling and nice, esp the scenery up the hilly roads. This place reminds me very much of Stanley market in HK. But then, I'll prefer Jiu-Fen to stanley market. :P

Ru-yuan (meat balls) - meat marinated with hong-zhao and then covered with a dough. Cooked by immersing into hot oil. It's seen floating in hot oil when you order. Served in a paper bowl, with sauce and coriander. I dun really like this as i find the hong-zhao taste is too strong. Ru-rou fan (braised meat with rice), drunken chicken cooked in shaoxing wine, and briased bamboo shoots) - a nice meal. portions of the rice is really small.One of the shops along the streets selling plums. The name of the shop captured my attention. very cute pun. This is a snack which there's 2 scoops of ice-cream (different flavours to choose from), wrapped in a fresh popiah skin that is sprinkled with ground peanuts and chopped coriander). Nothing to shout abt taste-wise.
Yu-yuan - chewy balls of doughs flavoured with yam, sweet potatos and wad-nots. Can choose to have red beans soup as a base, top with ice (for cold orders) or just red bean soup (for hot orders). Not too bad taste wise.
Maltose candies sticks - very cute with all kinds of cartoons faces... somefin sweet to end the day in Jiu-Fen.



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