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Monday, March 19, 2007

Food in Taiwan (part 4)

Shi Lin Nite Market - a food haven!

Peanuts brittle and ice jelly...
Guan-cai ban (literally means the cover of the coffin). Actually is deep-fried thick toast, and then the boss made a cut on one side and she will stuff some ingredients inside. You can choose from lamb, beef or seafood. Some mayonnaise is spread on the bottom, then some shredded cabbage and topped with the meat you chose. Finally some thick sauce on it and it's ready to eat. YUMMY. Da-bao bao xiao-bao (small bun wrapped with big bun)... we were so curious as to how this looks and taste... a big DISAPPOINTMENT. Actually it's juz some deep fried crispy dough, all crushed and then a big crepe/pancake-like wrap. Taiwanese love their cuttlefish... ALL kinds of it... and grilled with some sweet sauce.
One cannot leave Taiwan without having a taste of their fried oysters. And lemme tell u... it's totally awesome! They also love thick cuttlefish broth (you-yu gen). NICE.



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