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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Egg sponge cakes aka. 鸡蛋糕

The mould for these little cuties is from Taipei. Can be used over the stove top or oven-baked. The recipe given on the box, however is in japanese... so I went searching on the net to find another recipe I can use... meanwhile, I'll copy the jap recipe and ask my friend if I happen to meet her!

Here's some pics.

I'm not posting the recipe here as it has a bitter aftertaste... I really can't figure out why it is so.... does sponge gel taste bitter? .... hmmm... I'll probably have better luck with the recipe on the packaging.

Edited to add : I made some again this morning, minus the sponge gel and vanillin in the recipe. Instead I added vanilla essence. The texture turned out to be dense, unlike the previous attempt which I used sponge gel. And the bitter taste is not there anymore! well, well... guess I've to keep on experimenting! who knows a simple recipe like this needs so much looking into!



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