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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cotton-soft Japanese Cheesecake

Chanced upon a promotion at Giant supermart one of the weekdays while grocery-shopping during lunch break. The philly LIGHT cream cheese was on offer... $3.95 for 2 blocks of 250gm each! Acutally I tot it was the price for only 1 block. I tot why not, since it's on offer(usual price is $4.70/block) and it's LIGHT cheese... suppposedly 30% less fat... 0_0 i definately need that! So i reached out to grab a block only to realise that it's 2 blocks binded together.... ok... i won't mind buying 2 blocks since it's on offer (i tot to myself)... then i went on to check the expiry date (always do that when u're buying diary products!) and saw that it's BEST BEFORE 7 JUN 07. hmm... so it means i'll be making use of the cheese b4 the expiry date....This is the cake just out of the oven.... smell heavenly!

I've been wanting to make the Japanese cheesecake for the longest time (think it's like 2 years ago that it was on my to-do list!!!!).... yeah lazy me finally pushed myself to do it. I've not done many cheesecakes so far... i think there's been less than 10. and one that requires a water bath is a never-done-before thingy! I came upon a recipe for this cheesecake, posted by Irene, in one of the baking forums. The reviews from those who tried it were good... that spurred me on to try.

So here it is, after being in the oven (and water bath) for 90mins!......Due to my butter-fingers, the cake when unmoulded look like this! argh.... to console myself, the taste is great... i guess that's all that matters rite? haha