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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dream scones - revisited

Sorry for the lack of post lately. In fact, I've been baking, but it's just the same old stuff. Haven't tried any new recipes, so actually nothing much to post abt *embarassed*

Decided to make some scones again.... My 2nd attempt on the cream scones was when DH was out of town. I remembered letting him try my 1st cream scones (using sour cream and milk combo) and it was not good at all. So i kinda promised him that when he's back, he'll get to eat the really good ones. So my 2nd attempt was really a practise run, to make sure that i can deliver this promise.
DH is finally home, so here's the 3rd attempt on the scones. His verdict? "WAH, so good... can sell oredi!" This time, i "flatten" the scone more, so that it'll bake faster. :PWatch out for the upcoming post... somefin cool is brewing!



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