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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quickie b'fast

I chanced upon this idea of a quickie b'fast when I joined a local mother's forum. It's amazing how many new things one can learn when they get introduced to a different world of ppl! I am so happy and grateful being able to be part of this forum... where everyone shared their knowledge and views so generously and openly.

As most of you will know by now, I've this thing abt loving anything that's fast, convenient and yummy (hey! who doesn't????).

It did not take me long to try this recipe out. And since the 1st try, I've been making this b'fast for as many as 2-3 times a week!

The frozen uncooked pratas really tasted like puff pastry when baked! And my kiddos love this! I guess pratas and sausage combi will never go wrong. Of course, you can try different fillings, like tuna or sardines... which I intend to give a shot soon! Till then, sausages remained the favourite amongst us.

In case anyone of you should ask, I baked these rolls at 180C for nearly 40mins. What I did was take out the frozen pratas to thaw for a while and I set the oven to preheat. Made use of this time slot to washup.... Then when the pratas felt soft enuf to wrap/roll, I placed the sausages in and rolled it up. Make a few slits using the knife and in the oven it went. Set the timer to 40mins, and went abt doing the rest of my morning routine.
40mins later, viola, it's ready and it goes into the food container and we're out of the house.... i just love these sausage rolls!
See the layers of pastry? ooohhh so crispy!



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