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Sunday, December 23, 2007


This is the 1st time I fiddled with royal icing.... it took me a long time to muster enuf courage to try this. Iwasn't sure of alot of things... but then again, I knew I just have to try it out soon. The chance came when I bot some x'mas cookie cutters. It's perfect for some icing!
Finally, I did some today.... mainly for a gift exchange tomorrow at work and also to give away to colls and friends. I had a great time decorating the cookies... and then kinda regretted that I did not try it sooner. it's really FUN!
However, my hands are not so steady, and so, the cookies are not well decorated. I hope my colls will be able to accept such amatuerishly decorated cookies.

I love the x'mas trees... and the snowflakes are quite a challenge...LOL



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