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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A long process...

It all started off with me complaining abt my breadmaker to Elyn. She suggested that i try making the hokkaido loaf instead as it'll produce a much better result than the cheese loaf. Then Ching also made the same suggestion... so i tot i'll try it out... as the week went by, i added more things to my to-do list... by Wednesday, I've abt 5 items to make! Very ambitious for me as I planned to bake them only on the weekends. So there and then, I decided to start my baking on Thursday nite.

I got leftover whip cream from DD's barbie cake, so hokkiado milk loaf is a good choice. However, it had been a rather bad week, so I hand-kneaded the dough instead to destress. By the time the dough was ready for 2nd poofing it was rather late at nite. I did not want to stay up late just so I can bake the bread on the same nite, so I left the bread, all rolled up for the 2nd poofing in the fridge. I was hoping that it'll continue to poof, albeit abit slow (hey, it got all nite to do it!) in the cold and the next morning, i can wake up abit earlier, and then bake it and we'll have nice bread for b'fast.

Well, the next morning when i looked at the dough in the fridge, it had not poofed at all! well, maybe a tiny little bit, but it still looked the same to me as it had the nite before, so back into the fridge it stayed while we went for b'fast on the way to work...

Then last nite, I decided to take it out to "thaw". had a hard time trying to get it to poof the 2nd time and was worried that it might not as the cold might had killed the yeast! i tried putting it onto on a steamer, after I boiled some water.. the process was painfully slow... so in the end, i resorted to boiling a pan of water and leaving the pan, with hot steaming water, tog with the loaf inside the oven. Turned out that it worked much better that way. The bread finally rose... tho' not as high as I hoped it could be, but at least it's ready for baking.
Here it is after baked.... phew....finally done it and now I can have some nice bread for b'fast!



  • That's indeed a long process.. but those bread does look good :)

    Waiting to see your other 4 items, jia you! :)

    By Blogger Ning's Mummy, at 10:36 PM, April 05, 2008  

  • Hi Ida, I just read from D Greenspan's leaving the dough in the fridge, the dough will not proof (maybe just a little). After you take it out from the fridge, it will take longer for the 2nd proof as the dough is cold. Hope this helps :)

    By Blogger Happy Homebaker, at 11:10 PM, April 05, 2008  

  • hey there! just wanna enquire whether you think tt new model from carrefour is good enough in terms of functions coz i'm seriously contemplating getting one as well.

    and with tt price. it seems lyke a good buy!

    By Blogger Sihan, at 12:10 AM, April 06, 2008  

  • ning's mummy... i'm so embarrassed!!! i spent whole of y'day shoppin! LOL... so i guess ill only manage one more item to post! anyway, i'm always shortlisting more things than i can managed... haiz!

    hi happy homebaker...yeah, i figured that out too... the dough took a long time to return to room temp.

    sihan, i heard that the price had been adjusted. it was initially sold at $69.90 as a promo, and then adjusted to $99.90 with a 20% discount 2 weeks later. and now, I'm not sure wad's the price. pls call and check if u intend to purchase. at the price of $99.90, i dun think it's worth the buy anymore. there's another brand on offer at Taka(starting wif S). I saw it y'day. cost abt $130. go check it out. :)

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:08 AM, April 06, 2008  

  • oh okie.. thanks for the advice there. i work at taka so i guess tats pretty convenient! thx a whole lot!

    By Blogger Sihan, at 2:27 PM, April 06, 2008  

  • Very nice texture! I've done 1st proofing in the fridge before, left it overnight and it did doubled, not sure if it's becos it's a sweet bread dough?

    Your loaf of bread is really precious, after so many hours then it's ready for the table :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:52 PM, April 06, 2008  

  • you're welcome, sihan. :)

    elyn, I've done poofing in the fridge b4 too and it does work. but however, i dunno wad happeed this time. maybe my frige temp is too cold.

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 7:23 AM, April 07, 2008  

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