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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up....

Well, since my oven is down, I guess I'll play catch up with the MeMe tags and awards that were generously passed on to me. I'm sorry if I had left out any of the tags or awards ...

First up.... the FOREVER FRIENDS globe...
It's been a really wonderful experience for me since I started this blog. I came to know many frens... and the support that I've been getting! I'm so grateful and happy that I made the right decision to start a blog... I dunno what I've been missing! LOL. Thanks to Ching for awarding me this... forever frens, yah! *wink*

Next will be a MeMe... Before I was a Mom
I'll try my best to work out this MeMe...

Before I was a mum; I'll go on vacations during the off-peak seasons (ie, no surcharges, no kids running amok at the places I went to and basically taking off anytime I fancy!)

Before I was a mum; I meetup with my frens everyweekends, catching up on life.

Before I was a mum; I go shopping every weekends! And it meant a whole day out at the shopping belt.

Before I was a mum; I wasn't very into baking. And I was using a really tiny oven which my aunt gave my mom when I felt like baking something. Needless to say, the bakes turned out blergh.

Before I was a mum; I not planned to have any kids!

Special thanks for Ching for giving tagging me. Now when I looked at my answers above, it really made me thing... how will my life be now without my kids??!?!

And of course, thanks for labelling me as a pretty mom! LOL

I'll be tagging Ching, Ning's Mommy and happy Homebaker for this MeMe... have fun!



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