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Monday, July 07, 2008

I am tiger... see me roll....

Managed to put together a tiger roll this weekends... tiger roll may sound very foreign to some of you(s) if you're not in the Asian countries. The origin of this roll is from Malaysia... borned out of a mistake. Basically, it's the outermost "skin" of this roll having some wavy patterns on it... and being Chinese (or Asian), instead of admitting it's a honest mistake of adding in the wrong flour while mixing the batter, a "nice" name was coined. Tigers to Chinese signify virility and energy... so i guess this name was then happily accepted by everyone. However, I find the "pattern" created looked more like a brain! LOL.... But as you can all see, it's basically a swiss-roll.

The outermost "skin" (the yellow thin skin) was made of entirely egg yolks and we're talking abt 10 (TEN... yes... TEN!!!) yolks for such a thin skin! That also explained why I procrastinated in trying out the recipe for years. But then now that it's done... I'm happy to report that I'm really happy to have tried it... I've not captured the "pattern" on the skin here... 'coz I felt that the wavy designs on it were not too obvious. The side-views of the roll was more appealing to me... hmm... maybe the next time when I felt like making one, I'll make sure that the design on the cake is captured. :P

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