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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kuih Lapis 九层糕

Every once a while, I'll have cravings for some nonya kuihs. And kuih lapis has been a favourite of mine since i was a child. There's something abt this kuih that makes kids love it... maybe it's the many layers, the colours or the method of eating it? I know many ppl love peeling it off layer by layer and and then slowly chewing and enjoying the soft and "q" layers. So, how do you eat your kuih? *wink*

This is a very good recipe and it yielded a kuih that's compareable to Bengawan Solo's. Yes, it's that good.

However, I learnt a few things along the way... I looked thru' the comments section for this recipe and still did not know if the tin needed any greasing. I went ahead without greasing as it contains quite a huge amt of coconut milk. I meticiously weighed the batter and divided it to 3 portions and then subdivide into another 3 equal portions... and arrived at 9 layers after completion. When the kuih was done, I was really impatient to try and started cutting it up while warm. To my horror, the kuih stuck to the tin! So in the end, the portion that I tried to remove was very badly disfurgured! LOL... So I left the remaning 2/3 in the tin and by the next morning, it was easily removed. One final note to myself... DO NOT put the kuih in the fridge! I was planning to bring some to share with Elyn and colleagues but the kuih in the fridge turned really hard. Even after I "thawed" it to room temp, the texture changed. It's not as soft and chewy anymore. *sob*... sorry guys... no kuihs for you today.



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