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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lou Por Paeng (winter melon puffs)

I love eating lou por paeng, esp those from HK. While it had crossed my mind to try making some myself, I've not come across a recipe that was tried and tested and GOOD. so imagine my happiness when i saw SD posted a recipe in his blog! I gathered my confidence and that little experience in handling chinese pastries and went ahead to make these.

The results were really good, esp when it was piping hot out from the oven. I couldn't resist and took a bite.. and then the kids also tried and love it... and most surprisingly, DH also gave it the thumbs up! He never liked lou por paeng for some unfathomable reasons. LOL.
Thanks SD for the recipe.... only regret is that we dun have lard to make the dough with, or else it'll be perfect!

I only made one change in the recipe, that is, i used ground black sesame instead of the normal ones... for a simple reason that I have a pack of ground black sesame in the fridge!

The recipe can be found here.



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