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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Baby

Ian was born 8 years ago. Being my 1st born, he's definately in a very special place in my heart, what's more, he was born on Christmas Day! My family do not celebrate Christmas, however, since he was born, we started having celebrations, but mainly is to celebrate his birthday. :P
DH and i debated for a few days what to cake to bake for his birthday this year. Initially I planned to try out modelling a cake and then covering with fondant. But the weather at this time of the year is too wet. The fondant will be sweating in no time. So I scrapped that idea and finally DH suggested a logcake instead. Then I realised that we had not had any logcake for the past 7 years! When Ian turned 1yo, we bought a logcake for him 'coz we could not find any bakery near my home that baked Birthday cakes during this period. So from his 2nd b'day onwards, I made it a point to bake him a cake on Christmas. I dun mind having a logcake this time 'coz I'm really out of ideas what cake to bake. So, here it is... a Birthday logcake for Ian...
Happy Birthday my Boy!



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