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Friday, October 31, 2008

Change of plans

Was supposed to make 200 pcs of macarons instead of these rolled-out cookies for my dear bro and future SIL as their wedding favour... but too bad macs dun seem to like me much lately, so I decided to do these cookies instead.

Customised the cookies wif the names of the lovely couple. Did 2 flavours, vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla cookies, I stamped their names on and for the choc ones, I stamped the date of their special day.

Took me nearly a whole day to prepare the dough, roll out and cut the cookies... and of course baked and finally packaged them. Hope the couple will love what I did for them... It's a special gift to them from me ... I try my best. :P
Now that this is posted.... time to rest my poor aching back! Will be back for more soon!

ps : I received a few queries abt purchasing the cookies. So, yes, the cookies can be customised and are for sale. Pls direct all queries to Thanks for the interest! :)



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