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Sunday, December 05, 2010

I finally did it.

This is not a bake post.... but just to document a little achievement of mine. :)
At the starting point.
Running the marathon had always seemed to be an impossible dream for me. I always wondered how anyone can push one's body limits to complete 42.2km within hours! of course being a freshie marathon runner, I'm not that crazy to want attempt the full marathon. I was only eyeing on the 10km. In fact I had signed up for it last year, but in the end, chickened out because I had not been training at all for the run.

This year however is a different case. I had promised myself at the beginning of the year to run the 10km, come what may. But I nearly could not do so, when I missed the registration deadline and the spots were filled up. My company had it arranged as a corporate event, and they offered to pay for all the runners. Thankfully, I finally was able to sign up when they opened up for more places. Also amongst my siblings, they are all running the full marathon! so u can see, I'm the least athletic amongst them. I decided to pace myself in the practise runs in the months leading up to the race today... but the most I could cover during those practises were max. 3km. Still I wanted to run.... and I did.

I'm glad I did it.



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