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Sunday, May 13, 2007

A tribute to my MOM

Today's Mother's day.... and we've been celebrating this day for the longest time i can remember....

Mom has always been my greatest support, my pillar of strength! She had seen me thru' my tough times and had always been encouraging me. Of course there are times where we dun see eye to eye on things.... but how can u stay angry with yr mom? NEVER... we just make up in a blink of an eye. She used to be very busy with her streamstress business, but she never let us go hungry (meals are always on the table when we reached home from school) and was always concerned abt how our studies were doing. Even tho' she did not have any formal education (does 2 years in kindy count?) she managed to learn to read and write mandarin and even picked up sewing while young to earn a living. And when the grandchildren came along, she even speaks english now!

Now myself had become a mom, I can truly understand her thots and care and LOVE for her children.

I'll like to say a BIG THANK YOU and that I LOVE YOU, mom... you're the greatest!

I made a mango marshmallow cake for today. Then realised that my pipping skills had gone to the dogs! haha.... haven't been practising and now such a disaster! Furthermore I think i went overboard with the cream... had to stop myself! shd've left the center part of the cake alone. Haiz.... anyway, this is a super yummy cake! Thanks LeeLee and Florence for the recipe.The unadorned cake.... See the marbling on the surface? hahah.... even tho' I've freezed for abt 45mins for the marshmallow portion to harden, when the jelly mix went on, it still started to float up for the jelly mix... it din turn out translucent.... I did some heart-shaped cut-outs with mangoes and arranged it so nicely on the marshmallow top... too bad it's all covered by the jelly.



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