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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Having some fun....

I've been wanting to try out sugar craft for some time, but I never really get going 'coz the process of making fondant at home seemed so tedious. Furthermore, the thought of drying the crafts kinda puts me off as I do not want to attract more ants into my apartment! Until one day, Elyn told me that there's ready made fondant for sale at Phoon Huat. So I went to get a pack of the fondant and tried. As for drying the crafts, I left it in my room at nite when the air-con is on and then near the kitchen windows in the day. I sat the crafts on a bowl of water so that the ants will not get to it. Well, it seems to work so far! *happy*

This is what I've done so far. and I came to realise that my fingers are not as nimble as before... sigh... but I'll keep pratisicing... until I can shape something decent-looking... hope it'll be soon! Now, I understand why many ppl tell me it's an addictive hobbie.... i think i am getting hooked too! LOL



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