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Friday, March 21, 2008

Another year older!!

Not Barbie... she never ages *sulk* and not me either! LOL... i want to be another year YOUNGER!

My dear Cherilynn turns 6 today.

Since last year, she had requested for a barbie doll cake, when one of her classmates celebrated her b'day in school one day. So without hesitation, I agreed. 'coz I was thinking that her b'day is at least 6mths away and maybe by then, she would've forgotten abt it or would want something else. Who knows, I still got the same answer abt the cake when I asked her a couple of weeks back. So I had to recall what I came across months back on the net when I chanced upon a site where they featured nothing else but barbie doll cakes! I've lost the link to that site. But well, then it only means I've to rely on my creative cells to decorate it.
I decided to be lazy and used a metal mixing bowl to bake the sponge cake. This is the 1st time I actually tried baking a cake in such a deep recepticle. As the bowl is really curvy, I would not be able to line it with greaseproof paper, so I ended up greasing and flouring it. And I'm pleased to report that it worked well! Besides that, due to the depth of the bowl, I had to extend the baking time for another 15 mins as the middle portion was still unbaked at 30mins.

I "broke" the barbie doll legs as they're too long! LOL... so I decided to dissect the doll and leave only the upper torso for the cake. ( I hope I will be able to attach the legs back when the cake is eaten!). In between the layers, I used blueberry fillings. And then I decorated the "skirt" with fresh cream and in the sweetest white, purple and pink! (you can go wrong with these colours, can u?)A peep down her cleavage *LOL*Views of her skirt....

Well, my piping skills has not improved much.... how to, when i dun practise?!?! LOL.... i'll try to take a pic of the cake when it's cut and upload it here...



  • Happy Birthday Cherilynn! I'm sure the cake will be very yummy with the blueberry fillings. The cake is so pretty! And the piping is so well done, I can imagine how tedious it is to pipe one by one. *clap* *clap*

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM, March 22, 2008  

  • Thanks Elyn!

    Actually it's not as tedious as it looks. *wink*

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:42 PM, March 22, 2008  

  • When DD saw Cherilynn's bday cake, she's so envious and asked for one for her bday too. But I can't bake this! How? *Faint*

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 PM, March 22, 2008  

  • u can do it reena. basically it's just a sponge cake and decorate anyway u want to! maybe ask yr dd to decorate lar. so she'll say it looks nice no mater wad! *wink*

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 8:28 AM, March 23, 2008  

  • hey Thats's a very nice barbie cake!
    Wanna ask, do u just poke the barbie in the cake then u pipe with buttercream ?


    By Blogger Simonne, at 10:34 PM, March 23, 2008  

  • Hi Sukkimi,

    I used only the upper torso of the doll, cut a small hole just to fit abit of the bottom into the cake b4 piping the cream. You have to insert the bottom of the torso into thecake, or else u won't be able to balance it.

    I used fresh cream, btw.

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:15 AM, March 24, 2008  

  • Wow, very pretty leh! Your piping skill very good already lor.

    By Blogger Little Corner of Mine, at 1:57 AM, March 25, 2008  

  • u're embarassing me, Ching! LOL

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:13 AM, March 25, 2008  

  • Baking shops do sell the doll (from the waist upwards)
    with a 'pin' for you to stick the doll onto the cake. Yes, they advise you to use a deep round pan for baking the cake. Wilton published a book with this type of cake dolls. You are on the right track. Hooray to u! It's beautifully done.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:05 PM, March 26, 2008  

  • Thanks anon... i do notice that baking shops do sell the dolls but they are nothing close to a real barbie! LOL

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 7:18 PM, March 27, 2008  

  • Wow, this is very pretty, I must start practicing this before my girl starts to ask for something like this...

    Happy belated birthday Cherilynn!

    By Blogger Ning's Mummy, at 6:54 PM, April 03, 2008  

  • I am planning a birthday party for my girl in the coming month. Just found out your blog and saw this lovely cake. It is soooooo pretty!!
    I am now thinking of taking up the challenge and make one for my girl.
    May I know the fresh cream here refer Non dairy whipping cream?
    Did you cover the cake and also did the piping deco using the same type of cream?
    Look forward to hear from you soon.

    By Anonymous XiQi, at 11:32 PM, August 20, 2009  

  • Hi XiQi,

    Fresh cream in local terms refers to both non-diary and dairy whipping cream. It's up to your personal preference which to use.

    The same whipped cream was tinted and used for the deocration. :)

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 10:14 AM, August 21, 2009  

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