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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Luscious lychee muffins!

Made some muffins out of the leftover canned lychees... these are really really really GOOD. seriously.
Recipe from here... thanks to Jestina for generously sharing the recipe. I couldn't resist and took one before it cooled down. so... dammed... good! (yes, i repeated myself... guess it only shows how i love these muffins)

I managed to get only 10 small muffins out of it. Will definately be making more of these very soon.



  • This has been on my to-make list for months. But I only have longan at home and not lycee, anyone try making this with longan before?

    By Blogger Little Corner of Mine, at 8:20 AM, March 10, 2008  

  • well, i love longans more than lychees and was thinking of trying wif longans too! *great minds think alike huh? LOL* but lychees are much more frangrant that longans, so i'm not sure how it'll turn out.

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 5:21 PM, March 10, 2008  

  • The muffins look delicious!
    Lychee muffins sound pretty interesting, I guess I'll try it out soon :D

    By Blogger sweet-tooth, at 9:03 PM, March 10, 2008  

  • Yeah lor, that's what I thought. Lychees not only more fragrant also softer. If you try it with longan, you post it and let me know and can make a comparison also since you would have tried both already. I'm a bit scare to experiment with longan muffin to speak the true. LOL! And I'm also a person who loves longan more than lychee!

    By Blogger Little Corner of Mine, at 6:20 AM, March 11, 2008  

  • Thanks for sharing, i have made 2 batches of the lychee muffins. The outcome was fantastic

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 AM, March 13, 2008  

  • Hi Ida,

    Baked these muffins today with fresh longan. Super delicious. As the fresh longan is very sweet and juicy, I had to cut down on the sugar and juice. Thanks for the link to Jestina's recipe.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:48 PM, March 19, 2008  

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Tks for the feedback! now i know longans are do-able, i'll definately try it out. I'm a longan fan too! :)

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 9:22 AM, March 20, 2008  

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